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hey :-D [Aug. 12th, 2004|06:57 pm]
Girls for girls


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hey everyone,

im new my name is Alexis, im bi-sexual and im from newjersey..i joined two communities today,  live journal can get a little boring, esp. since all my friends are straight and boring ;-p.  but ne way here i am. ;-)  talk to me ladies.


<33 lex


From: paradimes
2004-10-03 01:16 pm (UTC)
and here i am, and im intrigued. lets add eachother?
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[User Picture]From: callahanbaby
2004-10-04 06:32 pm (UTC)


okay i'll add u :-) ..btw i love ur icon..shane is my favorite.
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From: paradimes
2004-10-05 11:35 am (UTC)

Re: hey

thank you :) , yeah shane rocks!
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